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ELS Construction is a Certified Lead-Based Paint Abatement Specialist with more than 10 years experience in the field.

Lead Abatement consists of first having all painted surfaces of the dwelling(interior and exterior) tested by the local county health department. Surfaces that indicate dangerous levels of Lead will either be replaced ie; windows, doors, cabinetry, and interior finish carpentry, OR, encapsulated i.e. wood siding, cornice, soffits, and exterior woodwork. Encapsulation may consist of either (wet)scraping loose paint and then applying a special encapsulant (paint) or enclosing the affected exterior surface with Tyvek wrapping and vinyl siding. ​

Lead-Based paint is particularly dangerous to children under the age of 5, due to their tendency to put things into their mouths. See this website for further information.

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